Please read this whole page BEFORE making your first request. By requesting membership to the organization, you are agreeing to these terms.


If you receive free items, please pay it forward.  When you’re finished with the item, do not sell it for profit.  Please remember to give it away to another homeschool family who needs or wants to use it! If abusers of this group are reported with proof (such as a screenshot of an item being resold), they will be banned from future activity, without question, and without any dispute or explanation asked. In order for this organization to work, people who donate MUST trust those on the receiving end, and if there’s any doubt of someone’s purposes here, they will be deleted.


Physical Donation

  • You may donate materials and funds through our site, or you may contact us to arrange physical hand-off.  We are also in need of bookshelves and boxes / packing tape / mailing supplies.

Physical Pick-Up

  • Bring your own bags, and come to the KEY Center in Shawnee.  Check their Facebook page for current hours of operation (which we promise will be more frequent than when we were located in Prague!).

The Physical “Ko-Op” / Cooperative Part…

  • All members are expected to pull their weight.  We are 100% volunteer run.  You must purchase a $10 shopping pass (which is good for one year, and will help to cover overhead) before taking home materials.
  • A few times of the year, during inventory, we will need volunteers.  The people who volunteer (half-day increments) will also have first access to newly-unboxed books.  We expect everyone to follow through on their word.
  • Additionally, due to some inconsiderate behavior at our first event, we now are saying : “We reserve the right to restrict the number of books taken.”


Mail-Out Donation

Mail-Out Pick-Up

  • Four times annually, we will mail-out curriculum to families.  These materials are free, but we do require that the recipient cover the media mail shipping cost.
  • Print out the ‘order form’, and include ALL information requested.
  • Mail in by the date below:
  • Form MUST be received by:

    ALL fields must be completed.

    Items will be invoiced by:

    No items will be mailed until invoice is paid.

    February 1st February 15th
    May 1st May 15th
    August 1st August 15th
    November 1st November 15th

The Mail-Out “Ko-Op” / Cooperative Part…

  • We require that the recipient cover the media mail shipping cost.  An invoice will be sent via Paypal.  If you do not have Paypal, we can make other arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Where are you located?
  • We are at 502 N. Kickapoo, Shawnee, OK.
  • How can I get free books?
  • Just come by while we’re open!  BRING YOUR OWN BAGS.  If you don’t live nearby, read the Mail-Out information above.
  • Do you have consumables?
  • Very rarely, we will get consumable books.  Often, we only get the non-consumables as donations.  Fortunately, this is often the cheapest thing to buy!
  • Do you have XYZ curriculum?
  • We have no idea what is on the shelves at any given time.  Come on by and have yourself a little treasure hunt!
  • Why don’t you have “insert particular piece of curriculum here”?
  • We are a donation-only non-profit, meaning that we only have what has been donated to us.  Oftentimes, we do not get full sets of curriculum…only various pieces.
  • Why don’t you allow us to sell items once we’re done with them?
  • These items were donated to us to provide for families who needed them, and it’s our mission to continue that kindness.  Please pay this kindness forward.
  • Is your organization a non-profit 501(c)(3) and do you provide donation receipts?
  • Yes. We are registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status and donors are eligible to deduct contributions they make under the IRC Section 170. Donors requesting a receipt should provide a valid e-mail address for us to send the receipt to.


Fearless Leader

Dee Dee is one of the guiding lights behind the Book Shack, and a force to be reckoned with in her own right.  She’s chock full of good ideas and always ready to take on the next challenge!  That’s why we’ve dubbed her our ‘fearless leader.’



Organizer / Mastermind

Yvie may be little, but she packs a lot of punch!  The other guiding light behind us, she organizes and manages all of the behind-the-scenes components to the Book Shack.  If we have a project to complete, we just call on ‘the organizer mastermind’ to set up all the pins…so we can knock ’em down!



Can-Do Girl!

Nicole is our CAN-DO! girl.  If we need something done at the last-minute, she’s the one we call!  She brings her infectious sense of humor and carefree attitude to every get together, keeping us going through the tough times.  She can also fix just about anything!



The Serious One

Heather is a veteran homeschool mom of two boys.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from the University of Oklahoma and a Masters of Business Administration from Mid-America Christian University.   She and her husband, Justin married 16 years ago. They own a ranch in Meeker where they raise fallow deer and Angus cattle. She enjoys reading, gardening, working with her livestock and spending time with her family and friends.  Before staying home to raise her sons, Heather worked in Human Resources for an international restaurant supply company.  



The Enforcer

Erin………… still working on her bio.  She got distracted by crafts!