Homeschool to college success!

Worried you’re going to miss one of the pieces for moving from homeschool to college?  Board-certified school counselor, Yvie Field, is here to help you with transcripts, scholarships, and making the transition!

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About The Book

This book & work text set will help you and your high school student breeze through the steps of college and scholarship applications, as well as brushing up on study habits and life skills.  

The book includes thirty-three modules addressing College Prep, Study Skills, and Life Skills.


    “I appreciate the clear, concise steps outlined for each year as well as all the great links to necessary sites/documents.

    For the self-directed homeschooling parent, this resource is a fantastic value and clear guidebook to the high school years and beyond. The test prep, study skills and life skill builders are such a nice bonus, and a reminder that this season of having dependent teens at home will soon pass!

    The worktext does a fantastic job of linking the guide to the actual work that needs to be completed by the student. It gives them an opportunity to build confidence in their growing skills re: planning, time management and seeing the big picture of their educational goals.”  ~Mia  (homeschooling mom of 4)

    “The extra workbook really brings the lessons to life, including activities and reproducible worksheets, organizers, and planning pages!  I LOVE the full-color version best!”  ~Rachel

    (homeschool mom to 2 teens)

    What’s inside


    College Prep

    Before Back-to-School

    What Colleges Want from Homeschoolers

    Create a Successful College Applicant

    Choosing a College Major

    Exemplary Entrance Exams

    Dual Enrollment

    AP Exams vs CLEP


    High School Transcripts

    Homeschool Records Made Easy

    Higher Ed, Worth the Cost?



    Study Skills

    Become a Study Sensei

    Best Planners

    Habits of Highly Successful Students

    Maximize Your Memory

    Reading for Real Depth

    Remembering More from Your Reading

    Study in Cycles

    Next-Level Note-Taking

    Effective Essay Writing

    Rocking a Research Paper

    Test-Taking Strategies in the Classroom

    Tackle Test Anxiety

    Using Your Old Tests


    Life Skills

    Get a Leg Up on Summer Jobs

    Job Application Process

    Ace that Job Interview

    Balancing a Checkbook

    Taxes for Teens

    Understanding Loans and Interest


    Work Text

    Junior Year Timeline

    Senior Year Timeline

    Glossary of Terms

    Application File (reproducible)

    Scholarship File (reproducible)

    Application Requirements (reproducible)

    College Visit Questions

    Writing the Essay wall chart

    College English Workshop

    Personal Essay Draft

    Outstanding Event Draft

    College Choice Draft

    Expository Essay Draft

    High School Credit Planner (reproducible)

    Activities & Awards Record

    Community Service Record

    High School Transcript (reproducible)

    Course Descriptions (reproducible)

    Reference Letter Request (reproducible)

    Budget Planner

    Study Habits Survey


    Brainstorming for the Future

    Learning Style

    Career Interests

    Personality Survey

    Skills Survey

    Values Survey

    Personal Survey

    Just for Fun

    Genius in Every Seat – Bonus Book!

    You’ve Got This!

    As the homeschooling community continues to grow, one of the biggest concerns we hear from parents is that they don’t know what to do for high school. It’s not the academics that are nerve-wracking so much as it is all of those ‘special things,’ like testing, applications, and deadlines that must be met for a smooth transition into college.

    While the transition itself, for the homeschooled student, is not so different from the traditionally-schooled student, the homeschool parent must take on the roles of teacher, counselor, and school administrator during this time.  In ‘Through the Door,’ you’ll learn the tips & tricks most counselors use to give their students a jump start on their bright futures!


    Reproducible Pages

    The book’s accompanying work text features reproducible planning and organization pages, essay practice and guidance, life skills exercises, career planning surveys, request forms, and more to help guide you through this hectic time and keep track of everything in one place!

    This guide is a wonderful resource for homeschooling parents who need that extra push to include their teens in making plans for high school and a successful launch. In a very down-to-earth style, this guide and worktext take the overwhelm out of the process and make it a joint effort between parent and student.

    ~Robert (father to 4 college graduates)

    I desperately needed this information. Please share this with other homeschooling families!!

    ~Erin (homeschool mom to 1 teen)

    After reading through "Through the Door" I feel both encouraged and challenged. I am reminded of things I have done well to prepare my children for this process, but I also see areas I need to improve. My husband works at a college, and we both attended college ourselves, but times have changed since we first applied and prepared for college. Additionally, I feel that the step-by-step nature of the book, especially instructions on what should be done by grade level, is helpful.

    ~Trisha (homeschool mom of 3 teens)

    Meet the author.

    • Nationally Board Certified School Counselor
    • Homeschool Teacher since 2006 & Co-Founder of the Book Shack (now the Script’Morium)
    • Experience working alongside parents in public, private, and home educational environments, including administration, general education, and special education
    • See a full list of published works here.

    With twenty years experience in education and counseling, I have a passion for helping other homeschool moms!  I’ve worked in elementary, middle, and high schools in both a teaching and school counseling capacity. For the past seven years, I have been homeschooling our two boys – one gifted and one special needs – and understand the struggles that many moms face.

    Yvie Field

    Parents assume full responsibility for the education of their children in accordance with state law. Parents also assume full responsibility for the accuracy of all homeschool records. We offer no guarantees, written or implied, that use of our products and services will result in college admissions or scholarship awards.