Homeschooling High School (and preparing for it!)



Table of Contents

• 10 Reasons to Love Homeschooling Your Teen

• You Know You’re Homeschooling a Teen When…

• How to Choose High School Curriculum

• Preparing for High School in Your Homeschool

• Teaching Teens to Master a Schedule (for Independence)

• Editing & Grading Your Teen’s Writing

• College or Career Track?

• Homeschool When Your Teen Isn’t College-Bound

• The Benefits of Taking a Gap Year

• Engaging with Your Teen’s Reading and Literature

• Hands-On Activities for the Upper Grades

• Fun Field Trips for Teens

• Career-Based Extra-Curriculars for Teens

• Science & Nature Projects for Homeschool

• How to Graduate a Homeschooled Teen

• The ‘Crafty’ Side of Math (Making it Fun!)

• Should Your Teen Have a Part-Time Job


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