Journey Through the Continents! {Geography Bundle – 8 units}



Travel the world from your homeschool!  This 5th-9th grade curriculum comes with elementary connections so that it can be used family style.  The first unit is an introduction to geographic terms and practices, including a study of GPS.  We have included recommended resources for further study separated by grade level.  The seven continent units include:

  • Geography – Geography and information about the continent
  • History Timeline – A timeline of events dating back thousands of years
  • Featured Videos – Curated collection of videos to showcase the geography and history of the region
  • Read – Separate book lists provided for elementary, middle, and high school students. Also includes a reading log and book report form in the reproducible section.
  • Make / Do – Wide variety of activities, ranging from building projects to writing assignments and everything in between! Includes both digital / virtual activities and printable / hands-on projects.
  • Music Appreciation – Background on a music aspect of the continent, along with a building activity and chance to practice playing traditional music.
  • Art Appreciation – Background on an artistic aspect of the continent, along with an art project using those methods to create a regional piece.
  • Folklore & Mythology – Where available, folklore and mythological background for the continent.
  • Connections – Where available, access to other {free} unit studies pertaining to the continent.
  • Cooking – Two teen-appropriate recipes (typically a main dish and dessert) that originated on the continent.
  • Map Work – Labelling countries (and states in North America), major bodies of water, and other important locations on the continent.
    • For the North America and Asia units, there is a secondary insert that specifically pertains to Central America and the Middle East. There is some debate over which continent these regions belong to, so we have create separate inserts for each.
  • Research Questions – Things to get your mind thinking, researching, and making connections about the history and geography.
  • Vocabulary – List of words about the continent for students to explore.
  • Famous Folks – Biographies of three famous people from the continent’s history. A reproducible biography report form is included.

Sections do not have to be completed in order.  You may want your student to skip down to vocabulary and map work first, or they may want to complete hands-on activities to get excited about the continent.  You’re the teacher and get to decide!

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