Writing Consultations & Feedback (any curriculum)



Students submit up to four writing assignments for feedback on content and structure. Service runs from August to April for the school year purchased.  There are no grades offered for this service.  It is a writing consultation from an accredited language arts teacher with thirty years teaching experience.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email with further directions. It is IMPORTANT that you watch for that email. it should arrive within 2 days of your registration.  If you do not see the email, please check your spam or junk mail. Feel free to contact us if you do not see an email after 3 business days.  Please add SparksAcademyOnline@gmail.com and homeschoolhouse@okbookshack.org to your contacts to avoid the email going to your junk mail file.

All submissions MUST include the writing prompt from the curriculum assignment.

  • No refunds are offered for this online class.
  • Sparks Academy is not affiliated with any particular curriculum or compensated by them in any way.
“The lady doing the feedback is super nice and down to earth. Her feedback has been great and so far my two are doing well with it. My son put in very little effort on a paper this last time and she called him out on it in such a nice and polite way. 😂🤣 she told him she needed each paragraph beefed up and gave him inspiration on how to beef them up so that when he read that he needs to do more work, he actually felt he could meet the goals she placed on him.
I would have been this is the most basic of papers and I know you can do so much better if you would just try blah blah blah. 😂🤣 so perhaps we do get more flies with honey. 🤪🥴
Anyway, I believe not only has it been beneficial for my teens, but me too to see how I could rephrase my critiques as a teacher to get better results as well. 🤗 I have to admit this as much as I don’t wanna, but after 7-8 years, we all get in a rut and sometimes new scenery is just what is needed.” ~Channa S.


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