World War 2 Literature Bundle {Sixteen Units}


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Looking for a literature-based history curriculum? Using sixteen different novels, these unit studies cover World War 2 from multiple perspectives!

These studies are directed toward upper grades students..

  • There is background, introductory text included.
  • After this text, there are featured videos, which augment the background information and help make the topic more accessible for more visual students.
  • You will also find a short list of reading books, including a featured novel that the unit builds upon.
  • There are vocabulary words, places, and people to identify.
  • Reading comprehension, critical thinking questions, and writing assignments are included.
  • We add fun with hands-on activities and extra videos to watch that will bring the era to life.


  • The Book Thief
  •  We Were There at the Battle of Britain
  •  Number the Stars
  •  The Winged Watchmen
  •  We Were There at Pearl Harbor
  •  We Were There at the Battle of Bataan
  •  Island War
  •  Red Stars
  •  The Night Witches
  •  Mare’s War
  •  We Were There at the Normandy Invasion
  •  Code Talkers
  •  We Were There at the Battle of the Bulge
  •  The Light Between Us
  •  We Were There at the Open of the Atomic Era
  •  A Merry 1940s Christmas

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