Physics Quest 2021 – January 25


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Join us for PhysicsQuest 2021!  This is an in-person event that will be held at the Homeschool House in Shawnee.  502 N Kickapoo Ave

The aim of PhysicsQuest is to introduce students to the basic concepts of physics, through fun experiments that will sustain their interest in math and science.

On this year’s quest, the incredible life and work of NASA’s Katherine Johnson frames four activities based on force and motion. Students will learn the physics of falling, swinging, flinging, and the basics of orbital motion that Katherine Johnson used to help put the first Americans in space. Lessons and experiments include:

  • How mass affects falling objects (both on Earth and the Moon)
  • Changing variables to affect pendulum motion
  • Projectile motion with desk-mounted slingshots
  • Circular motion and centripetal force by swinging and launching wiffle-balls and string

January 25, 1-3 pm

Ages 10+

Please register students independently!!  (ie, if you have two kids attending, register for two under the parent name)

This will be a hands-on class.  Each student will get an activity kit and work through the experiments with the class.  They will take home their kits.  Parents are expected to either stay the entire time, or return _no later than_ 2:30 to ensure that all students are off the premises by 3.

You will get a confirmation receipt of your registration.  We will also have a record of who has registered for class day.