Dear friends…

Well it has happened AGAIN!  As I sit and look at my lesson planner, it hits me, like wrecking ball! (But, I am fully clothed LOL) 

Thanksgiving is in 27 days and Christmas is in 54!  Where oh where did the days go? I imagine planning for the holidays in a public school is stressful,  but as we homeschoolers know…we can either rock it….or pull our hair out ! 

I know when mine were littles, we would really RELAX during the weeks between the holidays.  One year we decided to have a homemade tree.  We hand made all the ornaments,  we used water balloons and bright tissue paper and made some amazing paper mache’ ornaments!  We also used standard balloons and made large ornaments to hang from the ceiling. It was really a lot of messy fun.  In other words, we did all of our art for the year in a couple of days!

I love the holidays and homeschooling!  You can incorporate so much into your teaching!  We have studied Christmas traditions in other countries,  researched the first Thanksgiving…and being of Native American Heritage, we did a focus on the First People’s history of Thanksgiving!

You can also download a free holiday guide – with Christmas reading lists for all ages, a holiday-themed cross-stitch design, and gift guide as a thank you gift from our webmaster and her blog, Homeschool On the Range.

So, dear friends as we prepare for the Holiday season, we as mommy educators can do so much to make a holiday more than food and gifts!  We can do history, art, science, and language arts (family Christmas letters), and hand writing…..and they will never know! 

Wishing you the best for the Holidays!

Dee Dee