FREE Homeschool Materials

Once you’ve explored homeschooling styles a bit, you’ll probably set off looking for curriculum.  Here are some places where you can score curriculum and materials for free!   

Many of these are digital resources and require no extra resources or use books you can check out from the library.  Just remember that you’ll still need to pay for any printing.  Here is one of our favorite places to print!

Complete Curriculum

Language Arts



Social Studies


Ultimate List of Homeschool Conventions {USA}


April 26 – 27   Birmingham   Birmingham Homeschool Fair and Convention

May 9 – 11    Mobile    Mobile Homeschool Convention  (Teach Them Diligently)

June 22   Cullman   North Alabama Lifelong Learning Expo


April 5 – 6   Anchorage  APHEA

April 23  Soldotna    IDEA Curriculum Fair

April 24 – 25   Anchorage   IDEA Curriculum Fair

April 26   Fairbanks   IDEA Curriculum Fair

April 29   Juneau   IDEA Curriculum Fair


July 19 – 20   Phoenix   AFHE Convention

August 29 – September 1    Phoenix   Free To Be Unschooling Conference


March 21 – 23   Rogers   Rogers Homeschool Convention (Teach Them Diligently)


May 2 – 5    Garden Grove   California Homeschool Network Family Expo

June 13 – 15   Ontario    California Homeschool Convention  (Great Homeschool Conventions)

June 22    Costa Mesa   Southern California Catholic Home Educators

July 11 – 13   Pasadena    CHEA

August 8 – 11   San Jose   HSC Conference


May 23 – 25   Denver    Denver Colorado Homeschool Convention  (Teach Them Diligently)

June 13 – 15   Denver    Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference


Middleton   CT Homeschool Network Inc.



May 23 – 25   Orlando   FPEA

August 8 – 10   Jacksonville   Florida Homeschool Convention  (Great Homeschool Conventions)


March 8 – 9    Atlanta   Waldorf Homeschool Conference

April 25 – 27    Atlanta   Atlanta Homeschool Convention  (Teach Them Diligently)

July 26 – 27    Atlanta   Southeast Exhibit and Expo



February 16   Idaho Falls   Idaho Falls Homeschool Conference Curriculum and Resource Fair

June 7 – 8    Nampa    Homeschool Idaho


March 15 – 16   Peori    APACHE

May 30 – June 2    Bourbonnais     ICHE


March 22 – 23    Indianapolis   IAHE

May 3 – 4    Fort Wayne   FWAHS


June 6 – 8    West Des Moines    Homeschool Iowa Conference


April 12 – 13     Wichita   Teaching Parents Convention




March 21 – 23     Rockport    HOME


April 20 – 21    Frederick MD     Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators

July 12     Mt. Airy    Maryland Homeschool Conference


April 26 – 28  Worchester   MassHope


May 17 – 18   Lansing   INCH


April 11 – 13    St. Paul   MACHE Convention

June 31 – July 1   St. Paul    Minnesota Catholic Home Education Conference and Curriculum Fair


May 17 – 18    Starkville    MHEA


March 28 – 30   St. Charles   Missouri Homeschool Convention  (Great Homeschool Conventions)

April 5 – 6     Kansas City      Midwest Parent Educators Conference

June 7 – 8    Grandview     KC Catholic Homeschooler



March 8 – 9        NCHEA


New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

June 21 – 22    Albuquerque   CAPE

New York

August 1 – 3   Rochester   New York Homeschool Convention  (Great Homeschool Conventions)

North Carolina

May 30 – June 1    Winston Salem    THRIVE

North Dakota

February 28 – March 2     Jamestown    NDHSA


April 25 – 27   Cincinnati    Ohio Homeschool Convention  (Great Homeschool Conventions)

May 20 – 23   Sandusky    Unschoolers’ Waterpark Gathering

May 30 – June 1   Columbus   Columbus Homeschool Convention (Teach Them Diligently)

July 19   Cincinnati   Brave Learner Conference


May 3 – 4    Oklahoma City     OCHEC

May 31 – June 1    Tulsa    Tulsa Homeschool Expo


February 16     Lebanon   Mid-Valley Homeschool Conference

June 28 – 29    Albany   Oregon Christian Home Education Conference


April 15   Carlisle    PHAA

June 14 – 15    Lancaster    CHAP Convention

Rhode Island

South Carolina

March 21 – 23 Greenville  South Carolina Homeschool Convention  (Great Homeschool Conventions)

May 31 – June 1    North Charleston   Lowcountry Homeschool Convention

June 29   Columbia   REACH Homeschool Expo

South Dakota

May 10 – 11   Sioux Falls    SECHE


March 28 – 30   Nashville  Nashville Homeschool Convention  (Teach Them Diligently)

July 19 – 20   East Ridge   Chattanooga Area Homeschooling


February 15 – 16    Frisco  Be Wild + Free

March 7 – 9  Fort Worth  Texas Homeschool Convention  (Great Homeschool Conventions)

April 11 – 13   Waco   Texas Homeschool Convention  (Teach Them Diligently)

May 9 – 11     Arlington   Arlington TX Homeschool Convention

May 30 – June 1    The Woodlands  THSC Convention


January 26    Layton    Winter Homeschool Conference

April 20 – 21   Cottonwood Heights   UTCH



March 22 – 23   Williamsburg   VaHomeschoolers Conference and Resource Fair

June 6 – 8   Richmond   HEAV Homeschool Convention


April 25 – 27    Redmond    Family Discipleship and Homeschooling Conference

May 30 – June 3     Vancouver    Life is Good Unschooling Conference

June 21 – 22    Tacoma   Washington Homeschool Organization

West Virginia


February 24 – 28    Lake Geneva    Unschoolers Platform


Tips on Choosing a Homeschool Conference

Some questions to consider include:

  • Are there any speakers that you really want to see?  (Research some of the ones you don’t know and you might locate a gem.)
  • Is there child care or an activity available?  If not, are children allowed in the presentations?
  • Will there be a vendor hall or used curriculum sale?  (You can usually get great deals here!)
  • Does the total price (tickets, transportation, and hotel) fit in your budget?
  • Is it religious or secular?  Does that fit with your beliefs?

We hope you are inspired this homeschool conference season!

Educator Training & Resources

Do you know how many great opportunities there are for homeschooling mamas to get educator training right here in Oklahoma?  We’ve compiled a short list of some of the best (and most overlooked) ones for you to attend!   {Feel free to drop us a line with others that you know, and we’ll get them added to this list….let’s collaborate!}

OERB’s Classroom Training

OERB offers FREE petroleum-based curriculum for teachers and homeschoolers across the state of Oklahoma.  All levels of teaching are covered in their workshops, which are like a mini-retreat!  The classes offer hands-on curriculum for each subject that focus on the petroleum industry.  (ie, Core History teaches high school history from the viewpoint of Oklahoma’s oil & gas past)  In addition to classroom training, you’ll receive a nice lunch, some snacks, a goody bag, and a day off from the kids!

Ag in the Classroom

Similar to OERB, these FREE courses are offered based around the agricultural industry.  Each workshop covers all levels of teaching (whereas in OERB, you select your student’s level), so you’ll get information, curriculum, and goodies to use with all of your children together.  Additionally, there are numerous free lesson plans available on their website for you to use!

Oklahoma Nature Study

Learn about our diverse natural areas and state parks through real-life and virtual field trips.  You can download curriculum materials, and earn trading cards and certificates of completion.

Oklahoma Geological Survey

There are several opportunities available here, including visiting with a geologist, the traveling library, hands-on geology kits, a resource room you can visit, touring the Sarkeys Energy Center, and the traveling fossil kit (which is very nice!). 

Project Wet

Using water as a theme, Project WET provides hands-on activities to enhance the teaching of science, math, social studies, language arts, and many other required subjects. Project WET is primarily designed for teachers of grades K-12.  This training costs $20, but that training comes with supplies and curriculum.

Project Wild

Oklahoma Project WILD provides educators with the tools, training and resources needed to engage students in active, hands-on learning about wildlife and the environment. The activity guides are available only by participating in interactive, hands-on, fun workshops. 

Cool Beans – Soybean Board

While we haven’t personally attended this one, it is a one-day workshop for middle and high school teachers focusing on soybeans and doing science experiments with bio-fuel.

Project Learning Tree

Focusing on forestry, biodiversity, and climate change, these workshops are offered online for educators.  (This training is NOT free.)  However, each month, free curriculum and student activities are posted on their site, and the activities change, so check back regularly!